45 million Appointments

All UK directors and company secretaries. Full current and previous address, nationality, age and occupation details.

14 Million Corporates

All live Companies House corporate entities and those dissolved in the last few decades. PLCs, Ltd Co’s, LLPs.

35,000 Daily Updates

Every newly incorporated UK corporate entity, officer change, change of details for any company and person.


  • Search for any UK company officer or company and add to the visualisation instantly.

  • Identify officers’ likely aliases, possible shadow directors or proxies.
  • Simply double-click nodes to explore the network or use the ‘expand all’ function to quickly visualise networks of several hundred entities.

  • Identify the ‘shortest path’ between two people or companies and see who connects them.

50+ More Features

The Data

‘POLE’ Connected Data Model

People, Object, Location, Event is an established methodology for real world network investigations. Our model connects companies to company officers to locations and corporate events.

Graph Algorithms

Our UK corporate network data comes to life when queried for insights. We employ graph queries and algorithms to generate insights which traditional techniques are simply unable to see.

Web or API

Our data assets and expertise are available either through our web app or as an API. In either case, we can customise analytics and workspaces to answer specific questions or fit existing business processes.

Open Data & data privacy

All our data is from open data sources and used in accordance with respective licences. We process any personal data (as defined by GDPR) under our ‘Legitimate Interest’ as a business offering due diligence and investigation services.


web Level I
  • Search all companies and officers
  • Expand networks
  • Find shortest paths between entities
  • Advanced search using rich data
  • Search within visualisation
  • Standard support
  • Monthly API call cap

/ month

Web Level II
  • Everything in Level I plus
  • Save & share visualisations
  • Download data & images
  • Uncapped API calls
  • Timeline feature
  • Custom search queries
  • Premium support

/ month

Web enterprise / API project
  • Everything in Level II plus
  • Unlimted API access
  • Custom workflows
  • Target monitoring & alerts
  • Multiple groups & user set up
  • Advanced analytics, algos & ML
  • Unlimited support

/ month

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