Due Diligence, Solved.

Investigate firms, people, investments, outsourcing partners

across UK financial services

protect your firm

R!SK HUNTER identifies individuals and firms involved - and likely to be involved - in poor practice and wrong-doing in UK finance. The system is unique and effective.

Conduct Risk

Counterparty Risk

Regulatory Risk

Reputational Risk

Operational Risk

Legal Risk

reduce risk across financial services

IFAs, Networks, DFMs, Platforms

Undertake due diligence on your current and prospective partners.

Employers & Recruiters

Enhanced background checks for assessing or reviewing staff, designed to comply with the FCA's SMCR 'reasonable steps' guidance.


Price PI insurance risk better for IFAs and other financial product producers and distributors.

Legal Litigation or Commerial

Discover new claim opportunites for litigation or help client M&A or regulatory efforts.

SIPP Providers

Ensure introducers and investments are thoroughly vetted before accepting business.

Trustees, Asset & Fund Managers

'See through' the entire distribution and support chain to the end investments. 


Tell us who or what you want to investigate or monitor. We run the target through our software and deliver your R!SK HUNTER report.

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What Will R!SK Hunter Uncover For You?