Our big idea: connections and relationships hold the key to truth. This is how Google ranks web pages, how the Panama Papers uncovered billions in dirty money, how intelligence services identify threats.

We are building data assets, tools and expertise to leverage the power of connected data for our clients; read more about that

Our current web app is a simple solution using one dataset, a simple data model and a visualisation front end tool. This is connected data ‘101’.

But there is so much more potential…

Our data pipelines can quickly incorporate new datasets (open source, commercial, or client’s own) into new data models to be queried simply, with graph algorithms or machine learning models and available as APIs or via visual frameworks.

Brilliantly Supported By

Graph Database

A key part of our tech stack is the world’s leading graph database Neo4j. We were delighted to be accepted on their start-up programme, getting great support.

Fintech Acccelerator

We are getting great support from the bank’s innovation, data science and regulatory affairs teams as a member of their first fintech accelerator intake in 2018.

Visualisation Platform

For visualisation solutions we depend heavily on our partnership with Graphlytic, their versatile platform is flexible, robust and being constantly improved.