How !t Works

Discrete Analysis. No.

You need to investigate a person or company? Traditional approaches look at that entity and their past events in isolation, missing information locked in their connections. You're looking through a telescope.

Connected Analysis. Yes.

We map your target and their connections, tracking all their events which results in a far better understanding of quality and risk. We map and track the entire UK retail finance network. You're now scanning the whole sky.

Where do you get your data?

We use a mix of open data (e.g. Companies House), consented data (e.g. Financial Ombudsman Service determinations) and commercial data (e.g. credit reports). We constantly source and evaluate data sources to enhance our model, 50 at the last count.

What about GDPR?

If we process data you control (employee or client data for example) we are able to rely on the 'legitimate interest' exemption under Article 6.  Completing a LIA (legitimate interests assessment) will form part of your project documentation. We are compliant with GDPR as a data controller in respect of our maintained data. 

Who else is doing this?

No one. We have invested considerable resources to build and maintain an up to date and unique data store of UK financial services entities and events. This data is maintained in a proprietary graph data-model, on top of which bespoke algorithms run to produce unique insights for our clients. 

How are projects delivered?

We need to understand what problems you want to solve, which insights will be most valuable and then configure the system and report format to deliver these outcomes. We can track regulated firms, individuals, funds and investments companies.

What's included in a report?

We 'risk score' the individuals or firms you want to assess. This is a proprietary metric based on several analytical methods. We then use this baseline for peer and historical comparisons and for ongoing monitoring. All our analyses are fully auditable meaning you can 'see through' all processing steps to the source data. 

What does R!SK Hunter cost?

We'll quote once we have scoped your project. We are transparent with our pricing which is:

number of reports

x report types

x frequency of reports

- volume discounts + project overhead

What Will R!SK Hunter Uncover For You?